AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Back in March, we launched Cold Case Project here at WJBF NewsChannel 6. The purpose was and still is simple, telling stories about the murdered and the missing across the CSRA to shed light on what family and law enforcement need to get justice and close the case. We’ve done that for the past five months and look forward to doing it in the future. And each time we sit down with loved ones and friends, I always try to share one thing…

It’s personal.

I shared why back when we started this series. My maternal grandmother, my mom’s mother, was shot and killed in Gary, Indiana on October 30, 1984. I was a baby and I do not remember anything about her, despite the fact that she spent a lot of time with me since my parents were working during the day. All I know is (from what I have been told), my beautiful, fierce granny whom I am very much like was taken from me.

When I sit down with families monthly, I listen to them talk about lives that seem to have been take too soon. My only hope is that someone has a heart and gives vital information that will one day get the family justice. Here at NewsChannel 6, it’s my goal to be one additional source for people to read, hear and feel the story. Most times, there are very few articles.

Back in 1984, there was a small newspaper clipping on my grandmother’s murder and that’s it.

Post Tribune, October 30, 1984

Today, I’m doing exactly what I tell families to do when they reach out to me. Plaster your loved one and his or her story everywhere.

As soon as we announced what we were doing, an entity with a similar name reached out. Project Cold Case. It is a Florida-based, publicity and advocacy service for victims’ families. They do not conduct private investigations, but you can list your loved one on their searchable site and they even hold a Digital Survivor Support Group meeting monthly. While Grandma Gwen, which is what I call her, was killed in Indiana, I still believe listing her case here just gives our family another source. And for victims in the CSRA, it’s even closer, geographically.

Project Cold Case: Gwedolyn Larry

Additionally, I reached back out to the Gary Police Department investigator who reopened the case in 2012. He did not respond. Perhaps he’s busy. But, I’m not going away just yet.

My encouragement to families is to be persistent and literally bug law enforcement, neighbors, witnesses and close friends. Do not give up until justice happens and the case is closed.