Cold Case Project | 2021 Review Part 3

Cold Case Project

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – September 20, 2014, Tammy Kingery’s mysterious disappearance from her Edgefield County home would later become a perplexing case the nation would know about. 

Cold Case Project sat down with Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland to discuss the case. “Found a note saying that she’d gone for a walk, she’d be back after a while.” 

Kingery left that handwritten letter to her husband despite leaving work early because she was not feeling well.  Park Kingery said he left her in bed, but returned with their children to discover she was not home.  Her sisters, whom Tammy Kingery was very close with, shared a variety of scenarios. 

“I remember I was just really scared because she suffered with depression and I was afraid that she had hurt herself,” her younger sister Amy Thomas shared with us.  

Her older sister, Rebecca Alerding, added, “One of my greatest fears is always when you hear those stories of someone who’s being kept by a criminal alive. You always worry what if she’s still out there and we can’t find her.” 

We checked in with law enforcement and Kingery’s case remains unsolved.   

Our last case took us to the Millen, Georgia area where a man dumpster diving for aluminum cans discovered a piece of luggage with an unknown woman’s body inside.

Ralph Crowe, the Crowe Fields Funeral Home Director, was the first to get the call about the body.

“Hey, we got a DOA out here at the dumpster at Perkins Road.” 

The Jenkins County Jane Doe remains unsolved since Valentine’s Day 1988. 

“It would be nice if these things could get solved and taken care of just for a little bit of peace,” said Jenkins County Sheriff Robert Oglesby.

Anyone with any information on these cases should contact the authorities in the appropriate area. Each story is located here.

Next time on the 2022 Cold Case Project, we take you to Richmond County where 43-year-old Barbara Jefferson was found stabbed to death more than 30 times in her Blythe home on Valentine’s Day in 1982.  What family and law enforcement need to get justice and close the case. 

Photojournalist: Regynal Mckie

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