AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We continue with Part 2 of telling stories about the murdered and missing. Many of those victims had little to no coverage and therefore, their families had no opportunities to find out who might be responsible. NewsChanel 6’s Renetta DuBose shares this next installment of this month’s Cold Case Project, taking a look back at all of the cases featured this year and where they stand today.

The five year anniversary of the death of Daniel Triplett hits December 28.  And his family says they are no closer to getting answers in his murder. 

Terrell Triplett, Daniel’s father said, “They didn’t have to kill him, whatever went on. I’ll say that.  They didn’t have to kill him.” 

Burke County Sheriff’s Office investigators report Triplett was murdered with a gun and left on H. Berol Road, a dirt covered street near Middleground Road.  He told his girlfriend at the time that he was headed to a cousin’s home.  And police say he did, in fact, make it to see someone at Brairwood Apartments off East 7th Street in Waynesboro.

Patricia Kelly, Daniel’s mother said, “Whoever done it need to stand forward and go to trial and be judged.”

“He told me he had found a marijuana patch down on that creek. He had gone in on property that a friend of his had purchased,” said Mary Baker.

Mary Baker, the sister of Bill “Bo Peep” Farrer still believes her brother saw something he was not supposed to see at Rocky Comfort Creek in Jefferson County.  The 66-year-old disappeared mysteriously on Friday, September 13, 2002.  While law enforcement first believed he drowned, and gathered several volunteers to look for his body along with draining the creek, Sheriff Hutchins told Cold Case Project he’s not ruling out foul play. But the family says they know for sure someone was involved in their brother’s disappearance.  And shared that he went to authorities after being attacked at Rocky Comfort Creek a few months before he went missing. 

Walter “Ike” Farrer Jr, Bill’s brother said, “He was afraid somebody was going to get him. He always took his gun with him when he went back down to the creek to fish.” 

All they have to go on are two sketches of men seen by a witness with Farrer that day and their descriptions match the men he said attacked him before.

Part 3 airs Thursday, December 30 at 5.