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AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – A lot of parents are hitting the streets to do their back-to-school shopping.

Whether it’s for clothes, school supplies or shoes. local stores are crowded.

But there are ways to make it a more bearable experience.

When it comes to back to school shopping the race is on to make the grade for supplies without breaking the bank.

Each year, I tackle this task with my son, Pierce, in tow.

While my focus is on the assignment at hand, there are always distractions along the way.

Pierce often asks, “Mommy can I have this?”

This time of year, his question is met with my answer of “no.”

From the binders, crayons, book covers and scissors back to school shopping can be overwhelming.

But stores, like Target, provide supply lists from a lot of local schools.

With list in hand, we set out to score the most for our money.

To make it fun for my son I find ways to involve him while also sharpening those math skills that may have taken a summer break too.

For example, I challenge him by pointing out that two glue sticks are $3.19. But, a single glue stick is $3.99 and ask which is the better deal.

Finding items that are already assembled or sharpened can feel like getting the first spot in the after school car line.

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to acing back to school shopping.

State Farm Insurance offers these tips:

  • Set a budget and stick to it. That means determining how much money you can spend then evaluate needs versus wants.
  • Seek out deals. Buy a Sunday paper to check weekly ads for the best savings. and clip store coupons. This can also be done by using a store’s app on your smartphone.
  • Stock up in the off season. Weeks after school starts many stores will offer big mark downs on items. that’s a great time to buy supplies for next year. Or even when your students runs out of items this year.
  • Shop securely. If you don’t go to the stores be sure to order online from secure, reliable websites. Pay with your credit card not the debit card.

We met teacher Michaele Jenkins at Target as she loaded up on classroom supplies.

She says organization is the key to helping students get to the head of the class especially High Schoolers.

“Kinda talk to your student about how they see themselves organizing their notes and their thoughts. Because they’re going to get a lot of information now cause they’re going to have six classes versus four classes being responsible for and two extracurricular classes that normally don’t give homework,” she explains.

A good way to save money is to buy sturdy backpacks, and book bags, from a reputable retailer then clean it before the beginning of the school year.

That will prevent the need for a new backpack or book bag each year and save money.

As for parents, the best way to make the grade with back to school shopping is to pack some patience and do it sooner rather than later to beat the crowds.

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