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When it comes to surviving a cancer diagnosis, it takes a team consisting of patients, family, friends, doctors, nurses, and other support staff. And, when it comes to reaching the finish line of a bicycle ride, sometimes it takes riders coming together to form a paceline to make sure each team member makes it to the finish. For the fourth year, a local nonprofit is ready to bring a community together to rally around cancer researchers, cancer patients, and the team doing their work inside the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University.

Paceline is based in Augusta, Georgia, where 100% of all fundraising goes to fund innovative cancer research at the Georgia Cancer Center. Fundraising is a year-round effort, culminating in a celebration and fun bike ride on October 16, 2022 called “PaceDay” with an Opening Ceremony party on Saturday, October 15th. Since 2018, participants and donors have raised almost $700,000 for the Cancer Center. This money is used to provide funds to laboratory scientists researching innovative new strategies to combat and prevent cancer.

“Research at the Georgia Cancer Center’s M. Bert Storey Research Building focuses on the most promising pathways for the prevention and treatment of cancer,” said Dr. Jorge E. Cortes, director of the Georgia Cancer Center. “Several of our principal investigators are involved with investigator-initiated clinical trials, transitioning their research into the clinic. But there are opportunities for even more breakthroughs. And, community support, such as those who ride in Paceline’s signature event, PaceDay, can allow us to fund even more research projects.”

Some of the projects receiving funding from Paceline’s fundraising include studying how an aggressive form of breast cancer differs in diagnosis and survival between African American and Caucasian women, how a molecular mechanism can hide leukemia cells from being recognized and attacked by the immune system and looking at 86 different cancer genes found in breast and ovarian cancer patients to potentially determine risk factors for future genetic testing.

“A paceline by definition is a way for cyclists to travel collectively with more energy than any individual might,” Paceline founder, Dag Grantham said. “This kind of synergy and energy is what we are building at the Georgia Cancer Center and is what is needed to better understand cancer’s complexities and how most effectively to destroy them.”

PaceDay 2022 is Sunday, October 16, 2022 starting at SRP Park in North Augusta and finishing in the historic downtown Augusta Common with a finish-line party to share with loved ones. This year, Paceline is providing a special family-friendly closed circuit “loop” in downtown Augusta as well as three new open road rides that all pass by the Georgia Cancer itself. Registration is now open at

Paceline is a movement of communities & organizations striving toward a common goal: cure cancer faster!  Paceline has a place for everyone, offering opportunities to be involved on and off the bike. Ride. Fundraise. Volunteer. Join our movement. Together, we can cure cancer faster.