AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)- Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered at the Georgia Cancer Center for the Unite in the Fight Against Cancer.

“Cancer is a great equalizer because I always look at ‘what binds us together as individuals and as communities.’ I don’t know anybody whose life has not been impacted by cancer,” former Augusta Mayor Dean Copenhaver said.

A walk that took a mile and a half, has the impact to change more lives than you probably can count. 

“Number one, raise awareness about cancer, two celebrate cancer survivors– their families, their fights– support them in their fight against cancer, and three, a fundraiser to support programs that directly help patients,” Director of the Georgia Cancer Center Jorge Cortes said.

The event has gone on for years and while the goal remains the same, the outcome multiplies.

“This is the most that we’ve raised for this event this year. We are close to getting 85-thousand-dollars and we’re hoping that the fundraising will continue. So, we are very hopeful that we’ll make it to $100,000,” Cortes said.

As for former mayor Deke Copenhaver, he’s glad to be back to support the cause, but this time the event means something different. 

“After Masters, I went in for a CT scan, they found the tumor. But, here again, my prognosis is good.. But I tell people, the first thing you think of when you hear you might have cancer is ‘am I going to die,’” Copenhaver said.

Supporters with outside organizations showed up to walk with survivors, families and event organizers. 

“We are supporting the Unite in the Fight for Cancer through the therapy dogs. The therapy dogs give comfort and break the monotony and people are stressed at these activities, and it’s just for them to enjoy the dogs,” Member of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs Carol Cox said.  

Event coordinators and participants say the significance of having the walk is because being physically active helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer.