AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– Many of you have loved ones at high risk who are in places where you can’t check on them frequently.

First, we’ll say it again– they’re at HIGH RISK: either they’re over 65, or they have compromised health issues and it’s not safe for them to be exposed to you and what you may bring into their homes.

Second, distance may keep you from being able to check on your loved ones, to make sure their needs are being met.

But in this time of uncertainty, when we’ve had that rush on toilet paper and cleaning supplies, and we’ve seen so many of our small businesses close temporarily, there are other things to worry about than their physical needs being met.

How are they doing emotionally? Many of them are alone, widowed perhaps. And if they are in group homes, you are likely not being allowed to visit right now.

My mother is an 87-year-old widow in Spartanburg. She is VERY active and she’s always been a very positive person. But I’ve just hated the idea of everything coming to a screeching halt for her over these last few weeks.

We had a conversation about what she’s doing to occupy her time and to my surprise, she doesn’t need me nearly as much as I thought she did! She’s going to be just fine.