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Force Calibration for Technicians Version 2 - eBook Now Available

Has 60 % more information on measurement uncertainty, calibration coefficients, and best measurement practices for force.

Providing the industry with force calibration best practices and helping with force measurement challenges, so we can make the world a safer place”
— Henry Zumbrun, President of Morehouse
YORK, PENNSYLVANNIA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. is excited to announce our new 2022 edition eBook, Force Calibration for Technicians and Quality Managers: Top Conditions, Methods, and Systems that Impact Force Calibration Results, written by Henry Zumbrun.

When someone is new to calibration or metrology, the information can be overwhelming. There is so much to digest that people can quickly become overwhelmed. Morehouse had created the first eBook to help anyone with their force measurement needs or challenges to simplify things. We have updated it with 60% more information to help anyone from beginner to seasoned metrologists. It is a combination of a century of experience concerning making force measurements.

Even seasoned metrologists or technicians with years of experience may learn something new, or this document can act as a refresher for those who are more advanced. Morehouse Instrument Company has shared tremendous knowledge throughout the years with blogs, technical papers, and webinars. This education aligns with our purpose, to create a safer world by helping companies improve their force and torque measurements.

You can download it today and expand your knowledge of metrology!

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Morehouse Instrument Company: Based in York, PA, Morehouse Instrument Company has been a leading name in the American and international industry-grade equipment manufacturing scene for over a century. Founded in 1920, the company specializes in providing cutting-edge calibration products and services that are intelligently designed to reduce measurement risk. Morehouse Instrument Company is renowned for its industry-leading calibration machines, load cells, load cell accessories, and more. The company has worked for a list of elite clientele worldwide, ranging from NASA to NPL (National Physical Laboratory) to the US Air Force, and more.

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