Ryan Gold

From Philadelphia, PA, Ryan always had an interest in weather, more specifically natural disasters. He wanted to learn how thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes worked, so he would constantly read about them, this grew his fascination and love of weather. He decided to attend Penn State University, for its renowned meteorology department. During which he joined many organizations such as theater and volunteer groups (which consisted of dressing up like Superman for schools, and community events) shaped the path he wanted to take into broadcast. 

In 2019 Ryan graduated with a degree in forecasting and communications; then signed on to be the morning meteorologist for KTWO-TV in Casper, Wyoming. While small, Casper molded him into what he is now.  In August of 2020 Ryan arrived at WJBF News Channel 6 and is excited to be part of this heritage broadcast station.  Ryan is ready to track the CSRA’s vast weather changes, keeping the viewers safe and informed.

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