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Start your morning off right with Coffee Geek

Start your morning off right with Coffee Geek. He joins us in this segment of The Dish.

More about Coffee Geek, David Bowers:

Coffee Geek is a veteran owned mobile coffee business. Their fun-loving, quirky baristas are ready and able, not only serve you, but to captivate your imagination in an in-depth discourse on the coffee culture. Their aim is to craft each beverage to the customer's taste and preference and for this reason customers refer to them as "My Coffee Geek."

Their non-homogenized milk is from a local dairy and the coffee beans are conscientiously selected then roasted in-house. But let's not neglect to mention the espresso machines. Their Italian, hand-mad, beauties, consistently produces the most perfect espresso. Gorgeous they may be, but under their hoods are machines of sheer power. With the local milk, coffee, and espresso machines of legend, Coffee Geek brings to you the flavor of their crafted lattes.

So when you see the Coffee Geek Mobile Cafe and the dapper baristas serving up liquid joy, stop by, grab a latte and start up a conversation with your local Coffee Geek.

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