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Support Remained For Helen Blocker-Adams, But Financial Problems Had It Fading Fast

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Augusta, GA - Lisa Jones came to advance vote at the Henry Brigham Center, and her candidate’s financial conduct was a concern.

“Had she added 'and this is how I plan to take care of it, this is how I'm going to repay the debts, this is my plan', and we haven't heard that yet,” said Jones.

Helen Blocker-Adams was in a tough position as the news was about her growing financial problems as Election Day nears and early voters cast ballots.

“On the job training is not for a candidate like that. I voted. but not for her,” said Paul McNeal, voting early at Warren Road Community Center. “Because of that financial?” we asked. “Oh yes, oh yeah, yes," he said.

Tuesday, Blocker-Adams admitted to past debts totaling more than $70,000. It had former Augusta Mayor Bob Young saying she should step aside and withdraw from the race. "She has a huge personal issue she needs to deal with. As a champion of small business, I think she can understand, I think she can understand the damage done to a business when they have accounts receivable that are not being paid,” said Young.

But, some voters like Willa West do not feel the past money problems made her non mayor material. “We all have downfalls, we all got through things and use an experience to become a better person. We all have something in our closets,” said West.

But, many voters don't agree...

“I think it's going to be a problem. It's up to her if she wants to remain,” said one voter at Warren Road Community Center.

“Everybody is free to vote, but as far as I'm concerned, she's wasting her time,” said McNeal.

Lisa Jones thought long and hard about whether to vote for Blocker-Adams, but in the end did. She felt, though, that other one-time supporters would switch. “But yes, I do believe she will lose some votes, I think it will hurt her,” said Jones.

If you early voted or absentee voted for Blocker-Adams, and she officially pulls out of the race for Mayor, Richmond County Board of Elections director Lynn Bailey says your vote for Mayor will be null, meaning it won't count for the Mayor’s election. All over votes will be recorded.

But, as of right now, Blocker-Adams is still an official candidate. She must file a notarized affidavit with the Board of Elections to withdraw as from the ballot. Once that happens, signs will be posted at polling places notifying voters she is no longer a candidate.


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