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Conspiracy Theories Still Abound Concerning JFK Assassination

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Dallas, TX -

Fifty years later, people still come everyday...point to the 6th floor window...stand on the grassy knoll...imagining what that day was like. President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jaqueline Kennedy driving by, smiling...they look down from the Texas School Book Depository building, imagining what Lee Harvey Oswald saw...

The moment gunfire exploded...the piercing echo through Dealey Plaza...

"Does it amaze me that people come to Dealey Plaza 24-7, scratching their heads and pointing and walking around? No, not at all. The Kennedy assassination story is modern folk lore now. People just aren't satisfied with the official story that one man did all that damage, not only to a person but to a country and to the world," says Gary Mack, 6th Floor Museum Curator.

The official story, of course, is that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

"Could he have survived this first wound?" we asked Parkland Hospital ER doctor, Doctor Ronald Jones, who was one of the emergency room doctors who tried to save President Kennedy...and vividly remembers the chaotic moments in the packed operating room of Parkland Hospital. "We knew we were working on the President. We were anxious, we were excited. We were doing what we would do in the care of a normal trauma patient. And yet here was the President of The United States. Nobody knew he was dead."

Dr. Jones says the first thing he noticed was a wound on the president's neck. "Initial impression was that this is an entrance wound and this is an exit wound up here. We had no information as to how he was shot, with what was he shot, who shot him. We had no information whatsoever. We had not seen the Zapruder film..."

Later on, the Warren Commission report would determine that neck wound was where the so-called "magic bullet" exited Kennedy's body, before striking Texas' Governor, John Connally.

"This could have been an entrance wound or an exit wound and I don't know if anything will ever come up, it's been 50 years and nothing has surfaced yet that would indicate there was a second shooter. Certainly that possibility exists, But right now I would accept the Warren Commission report," says Dr. Jones.

"It's a fairy tale. It didn't happen. No bullet went through both men," says conspiracy theorist Robert Droden. To many like him, Groden says the "single bullet theory" is one of many problems with the official story.

"So the X there in the middle of the road, you put that down there?" we asked. "Yeah. I put that down there 19 years ago," Groden says.

Groden grew up in New York and moved to Dallas almost 20 years ago...proving the Kennedy assassination conspiracy is his life's mission. You can find him on the grassy knoll every weekend arguing his case.

"Do people come out here and say, man, you're just crazy?" we asked. "Nobody says that," Groden says. "Nobody?" we asked. "Nobody. I believe there was this - I guess - amalgamation between the mob and elements within the CIA," Groden says. "Ok, so the mob and the CIA working together is the theory?" we asked. "Most people that really know the case are somewhere in that ballpark," Groden says.

That is the legacy that still hangs over Dealey of the most tragic events of the 20th century...still shrouded in mystery.

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