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The Doggie Escape Artist

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It's the great escape, doggie style.

A hidden camera catches a dog risking his neck to break out.

CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Do not whimper...

For this canine houdini. His name is Bandit and he's about to pull off the great escape.

Oh my God!

Bandit suffers from separation anxiety. He destroys the carpet, chews wires, and cuts himself trying to get out of his crate. So his owner dog proofed the kitchen so he could leave bandit there, but somehow...

Bandit kept managing to escape. So his owner set up a laptop camera to find out how.

Some dogs are not meant to be caged.

Bandit was intent on scaling the plywood covering the open space between the kitchen and the next room.

God bless his heart

That's pretty genius for a dog with a two year brain

Bandit went over the top like a marine on an obstacle course.

Are you impressed? I really am

Some were less impressed with the owner..."that's terrible dog ownership 101 right there, buddy." "Would making this video been worth it had your dog hung itself? Almost happened." but no one we talked to thought he'd done anything wrong.

Talk about an escape artist. The dog's owner escaped us. We couldn't get hold of him.

Bandit now joins the ranks...

Of canine escape artists...

Like Kiwi the Yorkie, whose owners set her feat to the theme of mission impossible. Waldo's owners Choose the music of superman...

As he used his cage to get to the fence....and after a long stretch...made his move.

Waldo finally gathered the nerve...

To jump. And then there's junior the Chihuahua...who stuck out his neck and shook his fence...

Then moved the fence out of the way, springing his Chihuahua accomplice. Junior's courage won the top prize and a total of 110-thousand bucks from America's funniest home videos. Even if he did end up butt up. We don't know how bandit landed.

Bandit's escape paid off big-time because after his owner saw what the dog went through to get out, he's now given bandit full run of the house. 13:32:00 8670

Another dog owner had this advice...

Though climbing the walls does count as exercise.

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