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What parents never want a non-parent to say

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Last week "9 on your side" brought you a blog trending online describing what non-parents never what parents to say to them.  The feedback was so strong, as promised, today we reveal the other side of the argument.

Parents from across the east wrote us to ask we give the perspective from a parent.  Many sent in sample statements they'd rather people without kids not say to them.  We've compiled them into a list of five.  So those without kids, here you go. 

Number 1:  "You were so much more fun before you had kids."  I'm sure some parents know that.  I'm sure many others think they perhaps are more fun now than before the kids came along.  As an uncle, I know how much fun it can be playing with the kids.  Many parents wrote us to say they find great joy in baking with their daughters or playing tea party with their daughters.  So a drunken night on the town isn't their thing anymore.  If you're going to be friends with people with children, perhaps it shouldn't be your thing either.

Number 2:  "I never have time to myself."  Oh, cry 'em a river.  Parents don't want to hear that.  Moms wrote me to say what little time they do get to themselves is often interrupted by a scraped knee or screaming coming from the bedroom because Susie is holding Johnnie's truck hostage.  While non-parents are enjoying their Saturday afternoon shopping sprees and spa adventures, parents would love nothing more than to join you.  They'd also love to sit at home in silence.  But they can't.  So, don't remind them.

Number 3:  "Are your kids always this active?"  Translation, "those wild animals you call humans are on the verge of making me cuss."  We can stand on the outside and watch all day long a parent try and control a child.  If they're running wild, it's not because mom and dad don't try.  If you think you can do better, then go for it.  They'd love you to get that kid to sit down and be quiet.  Good luck with that.

Number 4"I'm going away for the weekend."  Just go.  You don't have to tell them. You don't have post it on their Facebook walls.  They're so busy they won't even know you're gone.  But if you tell them you're going away, they may secretly hate you.  Some of them tell me, they might get you back when you least expect it.  They want to go with you.  Calgon, please take me away.  It'll be a long time before they have a spontaneous road trip without crying and fighting and a million "are we there yets."

Number 5:  "Do you miss your pre-baby body?"  Ouch.  Hateful.  That's so mean to say.  Perhaps mom feels like she has gotten it back and what do you mean insulting her like that?!  Who says that?  If you have the guts to do it, you better be prepared for her to respond, "no, not at all.  I love my love handles and big belly and gigantic flabby thighs.  How do yours feel stuffed into those ugly ill-fitting jeans?" (smiley face) The mother who responds like that is likely my new best friend.

So, there you go.  Both sides have had their say.  Now, you have yours.  Leave a comment below or head over to our Facebook page where the conversation is underway.  And always, if you'd like to see it on "9 on your side," send me an email.  We'll try and make it happen.

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