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WJBF's Jennie Montgomery Tells Daughter's Heroic Story

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John Hart: Back now on wjbf.com for you Internet viewers only...  and I cede the floor to Jennie Montgomery, what would you like to talk about Jennie?

Jennie Montgomery: Can I give a shout out to my daughter, Maddy? Is that okay with you?

JH: Oh, I know where we're going with this is. Absolutely! You've got two minutes to tell the story.

JM: Because I am so proud of my daughter, Maddy, who is home from college on her summer break. She went down to Charleston over the weekend with a friend. And you know what they say about following your gut instinct, listen to that little inner voice. Maddy had left the beach, they were just so worn out with the weather -they were down at Folly- and they just thought, forget it! So they got in the car, started driving away, and Maddy says to her friend, "You know what, we came down here to go to the beach, I'm turning around and we're going to the beach rain or not."

So they find another parking place, they go back out and they were in the water just a couple of minutes when Maddy heard all this screaming. There was a mother screaming, she had lost her little 5-year old son, he was being carried out.

He had been playing with his sisters and they couldn't hold on to him in the rough water, the mother was screaming that she couldn't swim, and so Maddy ran over, swam out, she got the little boy - she said he just clung to her for dear life- and she was just trying to soothe him and swim with him back to the shore.

I am so proud of that girl! It just makes my heart so big. I am so proud of my daughter and that she listened to that inner voice and that she did a remarkable thing for a 19-year old, for anyone.

JH: THAT is a spectacular story! An amazing story. Did she have any sort of lifeguard training?

JM: No, just many years of swim team! But even she and her friend were saying that the surf was so rough. At one point they realized they had drifted down three lifeguard stands.

JH: That's unbelievable.

JM: And I appreciate you all letting me give my daughter that shout out because I am just so proud of her!

JH: You should be.  Your daughter's inner voice tells her to go save a life. My inner voice usually tells me things like go ahead and order an extra egg roll! So way to go, that is a spectacular story.

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