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Aqua-Cycling Becoming Popular Way To Exercise

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New York City -

In just a few years, cycling has evolved into pulsating music, intense instructors, and lots and lots of sweat. But now, the newest fitness sensation to make a splash is aiming to take all of that intensity and sweat and, well, dunk it.

This is Aqua-Cycling...

The founder of Aqua Studio, Esther Gauthier, says, "Aqua Cycling is very similar to an indoor cycling class, but the main difference is that you are in the water - so you have 4 feet of water up to your waist and you pedal against the water resistance."

Already popular in Europe, Esther is hoping Aqua-Cycling makes waves in the U.S. She just opened Aqua-Studio in New York, the first of its kind in the country.

"So how does that differ from pedaling on land?" we asked Gauthier.  "So, the main difference and the main benefit is there is no impact in the water because your body weight is supported by the water. It really protects your joints, your muscles, your bone structure," she says.

Bianna Golodryga, reporting: "It looked like fun, as I decided to give it a whirl.  I got my fins, towel, ready to go spin. Okay, let's do it."

The instructor of the class, Julia, says, "You're not going to come out of here dripping wet , sweating, red in the face."

Bianna: I'm sweating."

Julia: "You feeling that Bianna?"

Bianna: "Yeah it's like lamaze class."

Julia: "You should really start to feel those quads firing up."

Bianna: "Yeah, I do."

And, it's not just your legs that get a workout. While spinning in a two-piece might not be for everyone, the women in this class took it swimmingly.

Aqua-Cycling class member Gabi Damato says "I think I felt a more supported in the water. Spinning is a low impact sport, but this just takes it to another level."

At $40 a class, it's not cheap, but I did feel like I got a full-body workout.

But perhaps the best part about Aqua-Cycling is no one can tell how much you sweat.

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