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Mom2Mom: Spring Spruce-Up?

Augusta, GA -

Mom2Mom, March '13  

Like every other mother on the planet, I have those momentary lapses of attention. I'm doing one thing but four other chores are running around in my head at the same time.

Example: I was taking a shower, planning my day, shampooing my hair, figuring out what was for dinner, wondering what was wrong with the shower floor. Yes, the shower floor. It beat out everything else inside my brain and I took notice. Why, I wondered, was the shower so squishy this morning? What had I not seen when I stepped in there three minutes earlier?

I cautiously looked down and discovered I was still wearing my fuzzy pink memory foam bedroom slippers! Seriously? I was wearing my bedroom shoes IN THE SHOWER! Then I burst into tears… fearing that I finally had, indeed, lost my mind.

A few weeks ago, I was at the KFC counter ordering a bucket and biscuits to go. The clerk said, "That will be $17.10."

I looked at the menu over her head. "But the picture says $15.99."

"Well," she said nicely, "there's the tax."

Oh, good grief—I'm an idiot! I could already hear her talking about that Airhead Newslady on Channel 6. LOL!

But my embarrassing actions got trumped by my good friend, Dawn. She shared a real doozy with me and it makes me laugh to even try and type it.

She and her husband had gotten parked at Disney World, taken the shuttle to the main gate and made it to the turnstiles with three bouncing-off-the-wall-crazy-excited little kids.

Dawn had all of the tickets in her hand. She tried to run the first one through the machine, but it wouldn't go. She tried another, same thing. The ticket-taker person tried to help out. He said he'd never seen that kind of ticket, so he called over a manager. After a brief consultation the ticket-taker kindly turned to my friend and said, "M'am, these aren't park tickets. They are luggage tags."

Luggage tags!!!

Poor Dawn had gotten her travel agent's envelopes mixed up. She didn't realize all her park passes were in another envelope—AT HER HOTEL!

Must have been a real fun return trip to the Marriott, don't ya know?

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Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.



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