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WJBF EXTRA: Life In The Grip Of Addiction

By Courtney Elledge

“I used to always tie off with my seat belt, and I mean, you always hear about people snorting it, but when you shoot it, it hits you instantly,” says Patrick Moore.

Shooting heroin was a daily part of Patrick’s life. In his years of using drugs, he says he’s seen the pain addiction causes. His drug habit nearly caused his parents to get a divorce, and he’s seen some of his friends die. The 25-year-old admits he’s an addict dealing with a serious problem.

“A lot of them are dead, a lot of them are in prison, I have one that actually comes to mind that’s actually clean. One of our best friends killed himself,” says Patrick.

Patrick started using drugs in 8th grade, smoking pot after school with his older brothers and friends in their parents’ barn. That led to an overwhelming heroin addiction.

“Without it, I don’t know how to function; it’s pretty much like losing my best friend. Honestly, if I could get high and there would be no consequences, I’d do it every day,” Patrick says.

During his sophomore year of high school, Patrick’s drug use spiraled out of control. His parents sent him to a boarding school in Atlanta. And, while his grades there were the best they’d ever been, he discovered a whole new world of drugs.

“Talk about troubled kids, they had at boarding school, I had never heard of some of the things they had there,” says Patrick.

Patrick says he could have had the world at his fingertips. He could have taken over the family furniture business, if he had stayed sober. But addiction, a mental disease doctors say is as serious as cancer, held him back.

“The reality is, people wanting them and not wanting them. People wanting them, but not wanting the negative effects. Unfortunately, Karma comes true. There’s a price to pay with everything we do,” says Dr. Ken Wilson, founder of Stepping Stones Recovery.

Dr. Wilson says family members have to be patient with addicts who are trying to get sober, and he says the addict must ultimately want to change.    

Simple tasks can become unbearable for an addict trying to get sober. “So, getting used to be a responsible citizen in society is uncomfortable. It’s like parting your hair on a different side, or putting your shoes on backwards. But, in time, if they will just respond and go along with it, they’re going to conform to the norms of society, and not do crazy things. And get locked up and so forth,” says Dr. Wilson.

But, sometimes it’s the final step and acceptance of recovery that makes it difficult.

“Honestly, I should be dead, If I mess this up, I’m going straight to prison, I mean it’s kind of scary but then again sometimes I’ll have days where I just don’t give a s***,” says Patrick.

Learn about Stepping Stones Recovery here.

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