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WJBF EXTRA: U.S. Citizenship Test

By Brad Means

We Americans love to show our patriotic pride. You can find Old Glory in front of, hanging from, or pasted on public and private property everywhere. We love our country, but do we know our country? Can we remember and recite the teachings of our founding fathers? It's time for the citizenship test. We'll take 3 questions from the exam and see if people can pass.

We will start at the top.

Ron Cross chairs the Columbia County Commission. He loves his country and he knows his stuff...

First question: Which president was the first Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. military?

Was it Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln?

Ron Cross, Columbia County Commission Chair: "George Washington."

Not bad, Mr. Chairman...

Next question: How many Senators are there in Congress?

Is it 100, 50, based on the population, or 435?

Cross: "2 for each state. 100."

Correct again...

How bout this one? What are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution called?

Are they called the Preamble, the Articles of Confederation, or the Bill of Rights?

Cross: "The Bill of Rights."

He's good!

Cross says it's important for today's Americans to know where they came from and how we all got here: "We got a great debt to all those people that came before us that let me sit here and talk with you and you film what we're doing, with no fear of anybody. The freedom of the press, the freedom to express your opinion is just taken for granted."

Brad Means, reporting: "So, how do we make sure that our citizens know enough about our country? Well, Chairman Cross says a lot of it starts with educating young people. And, a lot of it, he says, starts with programs that are already in place."

Cross: "One thing that we got that Augusta has also is these youth leadership classes where they come to Commission meetings and watch things that go on. And, we encourage them to take up more of a public stance and get involved with committees, and because some of those should be the people sitting in my seat, 10 or 15 years from now."

So, we took the citizenship test to a couple of younger citizens.

Brad: "Which president was the first Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. military. Was it Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln?"

Hannah Baker, of Evans, GA: "George Washington?"

Brad: "You are correct."

Not bad, but room for improvement...

Brad: "How many Senators are there in Congress? 100, 50, based on the size of the population, or 435 senators?"

Torie Montgomery, Evans, GA: "I don't know. 435?"

Keep studying...maybe one day...

Rodney Brown: "George Washington."

We can all make a perfect score and call ourselves perfect patriots and proud Americans.

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