Women to Watch: Adrian Wright

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - When you think of auto body shops and mechanics, most of us think of that being a man's job. But one local woman is changing that concept entirely.

As you walk into the front lobby, the smell of vanilla, inspirational sayings on the doors, and the feminine chairs are likely the last things you would consider to be here.

"When women do come here, I want them to feel a sense of home and relaxation. You know we have plants, the color of the wall, I made sure that it was something that was very calming. Just everything I would want when I go somewhere," said Adrian Wright, owner of Wright One Paint and Body Shop.

Adrian Wright has owned the shop on Gordon Highway for nearly 10 years. And while it's a successful business on paper, she's succeeding even more with women.

"The days of women walking in to shops with grease stains on the wall, and a guy comes out with a dirty shirt, you know, it really doesn't make you feel comfortable," said Wright.

Wright runs the only black- and woman-owned certified paint and body shop in the area. As the only woman who works at her business--in an already male-dominated industry--she's managing to become an inspiration to many who work around her.

"She stays in a book or a computer, or something to have her knowledge. Or to be learning something different when it goes in to the mechanic field," said Maurice Carpenter, employee at Wright One Paint and Body Shop.

But it's not just how she inspires in her shop that's catching the attention of many. But what she does outside of it as well. Several times a year, Wright gives back in the best way she knows how. Hosting school supply drives, collecting clothes for the needy, and feeding those in her area who may otherwise go hungry.

"You know it's not easy being a business owner, there's a lot of pressure. But when you can help somebody else it kind of takes your mind off of it. It makes you feel a little bit better about, you know, how things are going even if they're not going so great," said Wright.

"It's real inspiring. Because no matter what, you never know what somebody is going through, where they come from, and things like that. And to be able to do that, and especially kids, or different families that may be in need of something...it is very inspiring," said Carpenter.

"You just have to watch her, you know? Just sit back and watch," said Carpenter.

And it's because of those eyes turning that makes Adrian Wright our NewsChannel 6 Woman to Watch.

Wright says her next endeavor is to create free automotive clinics for women.

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