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A 25-year-old writer has published four books over the past ten years. that would be impressive for anyone still in their 20's, but she wrote every word with her toes. She was born prematurely with cerebral palsy and unable to use her arms so at age seven, she says she began learning to write chinese characters with her feet, practicing until she got blisters. She began typing when her parents bought her a computer. Sun was married last month and says she wants to set up a media company.

Mean girls could become stage girls. the movie's writer and co-star, Tina Fey told andy cohen that she is pretty close to working out the plot of a stage musical based on the 2004 comedy. Sadly, neither Fey nor stars Lindsey Lohan or Rachel McAdams would be part of the cast.

A flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles turned into a midair brawl over a noisy boom box. This is video from on the plane. It happened yesterday morning on a spirit airlines flight. Police say two intoxicated women began blasting music. When other passengers asked them to turn it down... they refused and instead started waving it around. That's when a group of people approached them and there was a scuffle. When the plane landed police pulled five women off the plane. The F-B-I was also called to investigate but nobody was arrested.

Remember this dude...aka... 'hot felon?'

Well he's out of prison and is preparing for his modeling career.

Jeremy Meeks' mug shot went viral in 2014 after his arrest on a weapons violation.

He ended up serving time at a facility in California.

Meeks was released this week. The L-A times is reporting meeks has a "multitude of offers."

He will live in a transitional housing facility for a few weeks before he is completely free.


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