South Carolina Highway Patrol in need of more troopers

South Carolina (WJBF)-The South Carolina Highway Patrol is looking for more state troopers to keep you safe on the roads.

SCHP needs about 950 troopers on the road but they're currently short 200 of those officers. In an effort to hire more people statewide they're changing to an immediate turnaround in their application process and cutting training hours.

For certified officers returning to highway patrol they won't have to go back to the academy. Instead they'll have 4 weeks of advanced training and training in their county.

Uncertified officers will now spend 12 weeks at the academy and 12 weeks training with the highway patrol and the county they will patrol in. That will free up space to send more troopers to the academy year-round. Sonny Collins says cutting back on hours won't make them any less qualified.

"With the old process, it was taking so long to get people through the process and then the academy. Because of the weeks of training we were only able to get classes two times a year, sometimes three. So, those numbers were just not growing as fast as we needed them to. By doing this new way, we feel like the numbers can come up much quicker and therefore reach our goal." Collins says.

Collins says they've dealt with the shortage since the recession and that compressing the time it takes to get troopers trained will add more visibility on the roads and highways.

For more information on the recruitment and application process head over to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety website at


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