Segment One: Managing Stress 9.6.16

JENNIE Show Episode 4

Television Park--  Our focus is on women and families, whether your family is filled with kids, or pets, or you and your significant other. We're building this show for you, so we want your ideas and the topics you'd like to see us discuss. this is where we can talk it out, woman to woman.

Today, we're talking about something that's nearly impossible to avoid -- stress.

Juggling a busy work and life schedule can often times take its toll. and as we know, stress is not good for our bodies. Today, a couple of experts are here to help us better deal with the stress and anxiety in our lives. You'll learn ways to unwind and relax when you've reached your limit.

Stress management is crucial to healthy living. As Dr. Deepak Bhatt explains, stress can be harmful because it raises blood pressure and heart rate.

"Those elevations, if repetitive, if pronounced, can ultimately lead to things like a heart attack or heart failure."

Stress can also lead to unhealthy behaviors like not exercising, not eating right, smoking, and excessive drinking.

Dr. Sujatha Reddy suggests practicing positive thinking, meditation or prayer, and unplugging from electronics.

"A couple of things that can help you know relaxation techniques maybe that's a hot cup of tea or a warm bath or learning true breathing techniques that can help you."

The experts also suggest getting enough sleep, spending time in the moment and listening to music.

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years...  but now more than ever, people are recognizing the health benefits of massage. Some of us turn to massage to relieve specific symptoms...  others book an appointment for relaxation and to help with stress.

Krystina Carrino is a licensed massage therapist in Augusta and Columbia, SC. She and other experts say regular massage promotes overall wellness.

Ready. Set. Relaxx  is located at 3685 River Watch Parkway, Suite #105, in Martinez. 706.399.5887

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