Reports Of Nationwide Blackout In November FALSE

(WKRG) — No, the Department of Defense is not planning a nationwide blackout of electronic devices in November. It is planning a drill, only a drill.

And no, there won't be 15 days of darkness in November, either. NASA has not reported this, regardless of what you've seen floating around on social media.

Several conspiracy theory websites and amateur sleuths have been causing a panic among some this week with claims that the government is planning the blackout to coincide with Antifa "riots."

A simple Google search will take you to the article that debunks the internet rumors. Snopes is a myth-busting website that targets hoaxes. A quick search of it will often reveal the invalidity of such rumors.

And, an announcement by the US Army clearly states that the event is only a drill that will "simulate" a blackout. The announcement reads " Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a "communications interoperability" training exercise November 4-6, once again simulating a "very bad day" scenario. Amateur Radio and MARS organizations will take part." The post indicates that this is an annual drill, so it's really not even anything new.


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