Pet Bird Missing After Car Crashed Into Grovetown Home

Grovetown, GA - A Grovetown family is searching for a lost pet bird after a car crashed into their home Friday morning.

The car ran into the house in the neighborhood of Canterbury Farms in Grovetown shortly before 10:00 a.m. on Friday.

Officials believe Travis Petereson was driving the car and suffered a seizure. He the ran off the road and into the home on Ellington Drive. The homeowners were home, but upstairs asleep, and did not suffer any injuries.Car crashes into home in Columbia County.

Peterson was driving the car and he only suffered minor injuries but was transported by EMS to the hospital.

Officials believe Petereson suffered a seizure before crashing in to the home.

Again, no one was injured, but a a male Pacific Parrotlet, flew away from the home. His name is Pico, and he is very tiny (smaller than a budgie) and likely very frightened.

Anyone who comes into contact Pico, or sees him, is asked to please contact Lisa at 850-218-1653.


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