Parents Murdered After They Planned To Cut Son Out Of Will

Bridgeport, Conn. (WTNH) -  Kyle Navin has been formally charged with murdering his own parents

He was already behind bars on federal gun charges. And Monday, his girlfriend was in court charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Navin is now in state custody.  The state had an arrest warrant for him on two counts of murder with special circumstances.

**** Warning - Document contains graphic and potentially offensive language ****Related: Kyle Navin's Arrest Warrant

Navin has been served that warrant, formally charged and booked, and will be arraigned in Bridgeport. If the first part of that takes too long, he might not get to court until Wednesday. He is charged with murdering his parents, in a dispute over money.

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Court documents show Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, of Easton, Connecticut were planning on selling their trash hauling business, J&J Refuse, and cutting Kyle out of their will. Those documents also show a series of texts between Kyle and his girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, in which he refers to his plans to "wipe out the infection and get money for life."

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That kind of talk is part of why Jennifer was arraigned Monday on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. The Navin's bodies were found last Thursday on a property in Weston that Kyle was familiar with and had been vacant for years.

Kyle was in federal custody because, as part of this investigation, police searched his home and found guns and heroin. The guns are legal, but not when you're on heroin. That is a federal crime, so he was in a federal lockup in Rhode Island.

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