"Out There...Somewhere": Forged in Fire, this guy's a cut above

GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) - It's what fires up Joey Lynn: getting an old railroad spike red hot, putting it on a 125 year old anvil and beating it with a hammer

"I make knives, and I just have a ball doing it. It's something I enjoy doing. I enjoy working with my hands," said Joey Lynn of Graniteville, South Carolina.

Here's some of Joey's handiwork, his knife collection isn't all that large because he's only been a blade-smith for about two years.

But his inspiration over the last few years has been watching a knife making competition show on the History Channel.

"This here is something, got interested in watching the show Forged in Fire," said Joey.

So this Forged in Fire fan and now blossoming knife maker, felt why not, so he applied to be on the show.

"They called me back, arranged a Skype interview with me and a few weeks later I'm on a plane to New York," said Joey.

Joey's got the knife making touch and with that big beard, he looks like a blacksmith. But that beard also comes in handy...because when he's not making knives, he's a professional store Santa.

So what does he like better: knives or kids Christmas wishes?

"I'd say being Santa, I just enjoy doing that and seeing kids smile and stuff," said Joey.

Joey's episode of Forged in Fire airs on History Channel March 13th, he would be like a kid at Christmas if he wins but he can't say before hand.

But what he can say is what it takes to make it from Graniteville to Forged in Fire, in New York.

"Practice, practice, practice," said Joey.

That answer is pretty sharp.

Out There Somewhere in Graniteville, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6


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