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"Out There...Somewhere": Drivers use or ignore dashboards

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) - In their vehicles, they do not get 'down and dirty'.

"Just try to keep everything clean," said Michael Mosley.

They're not ones for messing up what's in front of their steering wheel.

"I'm a dashboard clean guy, everything goes into a compartment because you see I ride luxury," said Jason Dixon.

But for many, drivers of work vans don't let that precious dash board space go to waste.

It's a collection point, sort of like their rolling desk drawer, their four-wheel filing cabinet.

"It keeps it up there if I got something I got to get signed by a customer I see it I don't forget about it," said Brian Powell, who's dash has that used a bit look.

So it's handy an efficient?

What do you think of the guys that keep it clean?

"Maybe they don't have to remember as much as I remember," said Powell.

When he's not cluttering up the city Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle is running his own business, his dash isn't off limits for work stuff.

Do you think I need to be a clean dash board guy?

"It would be nice I do it once in a while when I have my wife and family going out of town yeah I will clean it," said Commissioner Guilfoyle.

But an uncluttered dash board isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Well if you're a working man your dash is going to be dirty because if it's clean you aint working," said Mosley.

But it isn't only working vehicles this car has a stuff animal right there on the dash.

"That's my little dog a replica of my little dog Sydney," said Martha Lamb.

Keeping it clean or keeping it convenient if your dash is a little cluttered that's cool that means you're working out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola

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