National Group Helps Flood Victims In Wagener South Carolina

Wagener, South Carolina - The flooding continues for some parts of Aiken County. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch for the county until 12:30 a.m. Sunday. News Channel 6 spent the day in Wagener, the north eastern part of Aiken County, where the flooding has left some residents with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Wagener saw some of last week's heaviest rain in our area and when the rain fell again Saturday, there were a lot of nervous people there.

But through it all, there is one group working to help their neighbors who are impacted by the flooding.

The rain doesn't seem to want to let up, forcing ponds to over flow into each other and in Wagener, South Carolina, one of those ponds is flowing over the main road through town.

"One lady this morning told us that they are actually getting ready to bulldoze her house down, because it completely flooded it," said Rose Settles, a resident of Aiken County and member of the Sisterhood Diary.

Road signs knocked down and water draining from the heavy rains are causing people major problems.

"A few girls from work that were not able to use their water, so they were affected and they do live in this Wagener area," said Christine Lloyd, a member of the Sisterhood Diary and resident of Aiken County.

"Just people not being able to get out of there homes. Just to be able to step out the door. I mean some people's houses are flooded all the way to the top of ceiling and they have lost everything." Settles told News Channel 6.

That's why the national group, Sisterhood Diary decided to help the local victims of the floods.

"We just knew that a lot of people were affected other than Columbia and those surrounding areas. So that's what made us start contributing on this end," said Settles.

They are collecting cases of water, clothes, can foods, and even money to purchase supplies for people.

"So they are really affected in the bad way because they don't have coverage and FEMA is taking a long time to kind of get to everybody." Settles said.

The group also made three trips to extremely affected areas in Columbia, South Carolina to offer relief through donations.

The Sisterhood Diary organization says they are still accepting donations for the people of the Wagener and Springfield areas, you can make a donation at Sisterhood Diary.


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