Man accused of molesting relative in Grovetown

APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) - The Columbia County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man accused of molesting a child related to him.

Lucas Hall "Luke" Palubicki, 33, is charged with Child Molestation.

According to the investigation report from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, the incident took place about a year ago at a home in Grovetown while Palubicki was visiting the child's family. The alleged victim's father found Palubicki and the boy in the boy's closet.

The mother of the child says her son later told his father that Palubicki touched his private area and he made the child touch his private area and that Palubicki was trying to teach him how to masturbate.

The mother said she took her son to a therapist in March 2016 and the therapist contacted DFACS.

The parents of the child wish to prosecute.


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