Lt. Gov. Kevin Bryant vying for chance to serve as Governor, stops in Aiken to address Republican Club

AIKEN, S.C. (WJBF) - The South Carolina Governor's race is bringing candidates to Aiken.

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Kevin Bryant is vying for a chance to serve as the next Governor of the Palmetto State.

Just this weekend, Bryant unveiled his contract to rebuild integrity in the state government, which he shared with his Aiken constituents, before heading back to Columbia to open the Senate Session.

Integrity, honesty and ethical principles are the standards Bryant is hoping to revive at the State Capital, if he is elected Governor of South Carolina.

Bryant's platform includes expanding school-choice, pension reform, tax reform and healthcare reform.

"I'm proposing a sliding scale for Medicaid coverage," Bryant told WJBF NewsChannel 6. "As people get better jobs and earn more money, instead of just losing that benefit all together, we can increase the copay's. Increase the out-of-pocket expenses."

High on Bryant's agenda is tackling the highest tax increase in South Carolina history, the Gas Tax. It was passed in 2017, after the legislature overrode Governor Henry McMaster's veto of the bill. Bryant says without reform within the State Department of Transportation, the crumbling infrastructure won't get repaired.

"We are promoting putting the D.O.T. under the Governor and as a cabinet agency," said Bryant.

The VC Summer nuclear expansion project is a hot issue in South Carolina. Ratepayers are still carrying the burden, while a deal sits on the table to sell SCANA - the private company behind the project.

Bryant blames government intervention for the VC Summer mess. He says the fix is to eventually sell the state-owned company, Santee Cooper, and get out of the utility business altogether.

"Now is not the time. You would never sell your house if you have a busted pipes and the plumber is working on your house." Bryant told WJBF NewsChannel 6. "We have got to get Santee Cooper's value up and then sell it. Instead of regulating utilities, we need to let the customer regulate the utilities and they can choose and that will bring down rates."

The governor election is in November of 2018.

Candidates include: Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 

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