Larry-Douglas Embury, Fox Theatre Organist Body Unclaimed

Atlanta (WSBTV) -

Friends of an Atlanta music icon are pleading for help.

The Fox Theatre's world-renowned organist-in-residence died nearly three weeks ago... but his body remains unclaimed. Aaaron Diamant reports.

For Laura Shore, there aren't enough superlatives to describe her long-time friend, former fox theatre organist Larry-Douglas Embury, "he's a prodigy. he's a genius, he's traveled the world."


Embury served as the fox organist-in-residence, playing its massive Moller organ, "The Mighty Mo," entertaining countless audiences for more than 15 years until his death on February 19th.

Laura Shore, "we all thought everything was being taken care of, and we found out that it wasn't."

For the last three weeks, the world-renowned organist's body has remained unclaimed at the Dekalb County Medical Examiner's office.

Laura, "the thought of him being cold in a drawer is just gut wrenching."

So Shore and her fiance started a Go-Fund-Me drive online to cover cremation and other costs, "we just absolutely, his friends, kind of said we've got to do something, something!"

Channel 2 spoke with Embury in 2012 about the job he often called, "The Greatest Gig on Earth," "this is like going to church on Sunday- they have their season tix, and they're in the pew- in their same seats. I know their songs. I'll turn around and play and hear them screaming from the balcony, 'Larry-Douglas, we're here tonight,' and I'll know who it is."

A legacy Laura Shore says deserves a resting-place far more dignified than a county morgue.

Laura, "we need to get him out of there. we need to get him interred and taken care of immediately."

Embury's friends say he has no family in Georgia, but the medical examiner's office says they have notified next of kin out of state.

At the time of his death, the Fox sent out a statement saying, "their hearts go out to Embury's family and he will be greatly missed."

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