Landfill Director Survives Firing Effort

(AUGUSTA,GA) Augusta landfill director stays on the job after an intense  effort to fire him.

A motion to fire  Mark Johnson failed five to four to with one abstention...

Johnson was under the gun for raises he and three members of his staff received last year.

Johnson defended the raises saying the administrators office was aware of the request.

But the city administrator Janice Jackson says Johnson submitted the raises himself and did not follow proper procedure by getting his bosses approval first.

Your supervisor would say yes I want a raise for this person you run it through the H-R process you make sure the money is available then send it to me those two things were missing," said City Administrator Janice Jackson.

"That didn't happen,"

"Yes," said Jackson.

Johnson says he did not do anything wrong in getting the raises but the issue isn't over.

Following the vote Commissioner Marion Williams told the city clerk to put the firing back on the agenda for the next commission meeting.

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