Kroger ending senior citizens' discount

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF)- Wednesday was the last day for seniors to take advantage of a popular discount program at Kroger. The senior citizen discount gave shoppers five percent off their groceries at the chain every Wednesday for years.

It's unclear why Kroger is scrapping the program. A spokesperson says they are lowering prices to compensate, but customers say they are skeptical.

For years, Wednesdays at Kroger meant big savings for seniors.

The popular senior discount program lets them take five percent off their groceries every hump day.

"That's why I come to Kroger," said customer Felicia Cominsky. "I can make a killing on some days."

Cominsky has been a loyal Kroger shopper for nearly three decades, bur she says that loyalty is not unconditional.

"If I find out that I'm not getting ahead, I'll just shop elsewhere," she said. "I'll go where I get the best deals."

Shoppers say saving a few bucks each week matters when you're living on a fixed income.

"Every little bit helps," said Kroger customer Donna Robert. "It might only be you know a couple dollars each grocery bill, but it makes a difference."

Let's say you save $5 each week with the discount. That adds up to $260 in savings a year. Over ten years, that means you would save $2600.

But on the brightside, a Kroger spokesman says they are lowering prices on thousands of items. But he couldn't say what the discounts were or which items are included.

Shoppers say it all depends on which items come down.

"Now if you're talking about products that you know most of the time are bought by someone who is a senior citizen, that they're lowering the price on, then yes that makes a difference," Robert said.

If the deals don't make up for the savings lost with the discounts, shoppers say they're taking their business elsewhere.

"Otherwise, I'll have to think twice about coming to Kroger anymore which really disappoints me because they do have good deals otherwise," Robert said.

Senior discounts at Kroger officially end next Wednesday, May 17 for all stores in Georgia, South Carolina and eastern Alabama.

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