Golden Apple: Melinda Zipf

(Trenton, S.C.)

Another busy day in Melinida Zipf's classroom.

"We're working on our writing and our reading," Zipf says. "They like to draw pictures and tell us about their pictures."

These preschoolers at Douglas Elementary School are learrning so much so fast. Their energy and enthusiasm are what drew Ms. Zipf to this career 33 years ago.

"I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to help people. Little people come so energized. They want to do the job. They want to please you. We just have a great time."

And the rewards just keep coming.

"When I see them light up. They catch up to things. That's very encouraging. We work with them on things, and they just light up when they learn it."

And as for the Golden Apple Award, Ms. Zipf is quick to share the credit for her accomplishments.  Accomplishments that have touched so many lives over the past 3 decades.

"As you could tell, I was totally shocked. I appreciate it very much," she says. "But it's for the kids. They've made it all possible."

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