Golden Apple: Jarmichael Jones

(Augusta, GA)

At first, Jarmichael Jones wasn't good at Math. But then, way back in 2nd grade, something changed.

"I had a really good Math teacher," Jones says. " She always would let us go to the board and work out problems. It just made sense to me. It just always clicked."

Now he helps his Spirit Creek students understand the world of Mathematics. When we stopped by they were taking a quiz and learning the value of teamwork.

"Nobody in class can talk. I choose one random person to go the board and answer a question. The whole class can help them out. If anyone talks or makes any kind of noise, I take away 3 points. But if they get it right, I keep them at 100."

And Mr. Jones is so much more than a teacher. He connects with his students on so many levels.

"I really try to get to know my kids and see what they're good at, what they like.  That's how I start off. I get to know them a little bit. I build my relationship with them, let them know that I'm here for them and here to help them out any way that I can. I try to make it as easy as possible."

Congratulations Jarmichael Jones. A man making a huge impact on these young lives, and getting a lot back in return.

"I'm rewarded every day," he says. " I love coming here. There's no place I'd rather be. I stay late a lot.  I get fulfillment. I love coming here. I love my students a whole lot."

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