Giving Your Best: Victoria Hawley

AUGUSTA, GA.--   Victoria Hawley grew up in a military family and that instilled a deep respect for our service men and women.

She's a master gardener who uses her green thumb to brighten up the environment for patients at our local V-A hospitals.

But her talents aren't limited to the garden. She's a welcome sight in units at multiple locations... sharing her creativity and her warmth.

And that's why Victoria Hawley is this month's Giving Your Best winner.

Natalie Daniels is the Chief of Customer Support at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.

"She's awesome, she is a jewel. She's logged a lot of hours, she's here, she wants to be here, she comes in with a smile- she's a part of us."

Over the last 8 years, Hawley has given more than 5700 hours to serving veterans.

"The VA is a great place to volunteer," she says.

Victoria describes herself as a "military brat."

"Yes, yes! So you understand why it's important to thank our military families? Absolutely."

Victoria puts her gratitude into action by volunteering at the Charlie Norwood V-A Medical Center.

"I'm uptown and downtown, in most of the units, the patients here are great, the staff are great, it's a wonderful place to be."

More volunteers are always needed, as Daniels, explains.

"And what we're trying to do is enhance our veterans' experience. One of the missions that we have is to have a more proactive role with our veterans by greeting them and welcoming them when they come to our VA Medical Center. Victoria actually created a tent card, printed them out, cut each and every one of them out. We use those cards to greet each of our inpatients coming in... all of our veterans really appreciate getting that smiling warm face to come in and greet them, just to stop by and say hello and welcome them here."

"They're kind of alone in the hospital so we try to give them something to help them smile and a holiday card is something that usually cheers most of us up!"


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