Giving Your Best: Caroline Dorn

TELEVISION PARK--  16-year-old Caroline Dorn has Type 1 diabetes but doesn't let it stop her. She is a mentor for younger childrenwith this disease and raises money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

5-yr-old Molly Gilstrap's mom nominated Carolina for the Giving Your Best award.

"Caroline is Molly's real-life super hero," says Adrienne Gilstrap.

Mom Alice Dorn says it's been a great match for Caroline.

Alice Dorn/mom:  "She gained so much confidence and so much strength and determination from being able to help someone else along the way."

Someone like 5-year old Molly.

Adrienne Gilstrap/nominator: "Meeting Caroline she realized that she wasn't the only one that wore these devices, wore a pump or had a CGM."

Alice Dorn/mom ; "Watching her grow and mature just in the process of reaching out and offering Molly a hand to walk along beside her. The joy in that, the smiles, even as they face this disease together."

Caroline Dorn/award winner:  "The Type One community is very close knit so you get to know people because we stick together, because Type One is a disease, you know, you're stuck with it once you have it. So, it's not a club you want to join, but once you join the club there's wonderful people in it."

Alice Dorn/mom: "The Lord has this under control, I knew that, but He has used this and brought people into our lives- Tim Reeve, Molly and Ella, lots of different people along the way- and I know that Caroline has made a difference in the lives of all the kids she's been able to interact with."

And kids she'll never meet. She helped change dosing procedures for Type One by speaking before the FDA in Washington, DC last year.

Caroline Dorn/award winner: "The just approved the label change so now you can plug the CGM number into your pump and you're able to dose insulin off of it. So it's a very big difference."

And Caroline hope to continue making a difference for young patients by going into the field of pediatric endrocrinology.

Caroline Dorn/award winner: "Like my pediatric endrocrinologist, when I was diagnosed, he wasn't able to tell me it was ok and know from personal experience. If I'm there to tell someone when they're diagnosed it's going to be okay, and that's for real, then I think that would be really important and really special."

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