Defining topics for Augusta Mayoral Race

AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) - It is election season in the CSRA. On Thursday, Augusta’s Mayor Hardie Davis shared the city’s 2017 highlights with a group of business leaders at the Augusta Exchange Club Meeting.


The Mayor spent a good chunk of time talking about the importance of South Augusta development and answering questions about the future of the James Brown Arena.

Mayor Davis used the analogy—we can walk and chew gum at the same time. In other words, investing in South Augusta does not mean the city is neglecting downtown. He says the city can concentrate on both simultaneously.


The future of the James Brown Arena was a hot topic at the Exchange Club meeting, it has been one for months and it is a defining issue for the 2018 Mayoral Election. Mayor Davis continues to argue for a new JBA at the old Regency Mall location.


“It's our most densely populated area.” Mayor Davis continues, “It's also our most underserved area. It's also an area where we've got some of our lowest performing schools. People that are born in poverty. They grow up in poverty where lack of opportunities exist. People expect the mayor to be the mayor for all of Augusta, not just certain parts of Augusta.”


Augusta Native Gould Hagler is running against Mayor Davis. On Thursday, NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Osborne asked the mayor why Augustans should vote for him as opposed to his competitor.


“People should check the box ‘Hardie Davis’ because of stable leadership…. We've balanced our budget every year, on time, every time and had a budget surplus. That's what people expect from their local government.”


He gave more examples such as raises for Richmond County Sheriff’s deputies, the city’s high bond rating and an increase in jobs under his leadership.


Mayor Davis says stable leadership is critical at this time in Augusta.


“There are very few things that we can count on coming from Washington. All across America, people understand that if you want to get anything done go to the cities—work with mayors. Work with city councils. That's what's happening in Augusta, Georgia. As I've said, that's why you go back to the polls on May 22 and vote for Hardie Davis.”


2017 Augusta highlights mentioned by Mayor Hardie Davis

  • A record year for economic achievements and the visitor’s bureau
  • An uptick in the area of tourism jobs
  • Augusta Regional Airport had the highest passenger count in the history of the airport breaking their 2015 record by roughly 30,000 passengers
  • RCSO Deputies given raise in base salary without a tax increase.
  • Governor Nathan Deal’s announcement to build the Cyber Innovation and Training Center. Plus, his second announcement to expand the project 
  • $120 million addition to the Starbucks manufacturing facility in South Augusta



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