Couple walks across the country dressed as Little Red Riding Hood to bring awareness

GEORGIA (WJBF) - If you happen to have seen Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf walking the streets of Georgia, don't be alarmed because your eyes weren't fooling you.

The couple Amanda Autrey and Kolton Rackham are harmless and are both walking across America to not only support great causes but to fulfill a lifelong dream.

The two started in Tybee Island and are walking to Oregon in support of their dream and for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (ASFP).

The two have been walking on foot for weeks and are carrying with them tiny backpacks, water bottles, clothes, a medical kit and rice & snack bars as food.

The two have taken rides from strangers, gotten housed by strangers and were fed by them too.

These strangers are active patrons like policemen, families, and parents who want nothing more than to see the two safe and fed.

One stranger, in particular, was the cousin of an Effingham County Sherriff who brought them three meals and allowed them the opportunity of sleeping at the Sherriff's office to weather the storm that occurred in early May.

Amanda Autrey says walking across the country has been a goal she has wanted to accomplish for years.

Autrey has a history with suicide, which is the reason as to why she chose to support the ASFP foundation.

She says the foundation is near and dear to her heart because it not only supports those who are suicidal, but also families who have suffered.

Autrey says what inspired her to begin her journey was an incident in China, where she was lost for hours with two drunk teachers. As the sober one, Autrey remembers the incident as if it was yesterday and says it changed her life.

She met Kolton Rackham in 2016 at a conference in Salt Lake City.

The two began their journey in April and arrived in Tybee Island by the help of strangers after initially being dropped off in the downtown area by Autrey's cousin, who lives in Warner Robbins.

Autrey says she told Rackham that she always wanted to have her toes in the water on both sides of the country, so being able to walk along the beach meant a lot to her.

Rackham says he is always by Autrey's side and says that he got confirmation from the universe to walk with Autrey.

"I just kept asking the universe is it something that I need to do, and got a yes in many different ways; saying that you need to continue to help Amanda."

Rackham considers himself to be a mentor and Autrey a healer. He was an Eagle Scout growing up.

"I feel this is something awesome, we can bring a lot of hope and have many life experiences at a young age, I feel she was inspired to do this and I want to support her."

Though Rackham felt scared and anxious at times he says they continued to push forward with action.

The two are dressed as characters from the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood as a gimmick to go along with their journey.

Since Autrey always loved the Little Red Riding Hood and wanted to dress that way for Halloween it was a no brainer to choose the attire.

According to the couple, the wolf costume actually helps keep Rackham sheltered from the sun and Autrey's hood helps keep her sheltered too.

At the end of their journey 25-year-old, Amanda Autrey and 23-year-old Kolton Rackham are looking forward to making a life for themselves near the West Coast.

As the two continue their journey, it will eventually be documented on YouTube, in hopes of bringing awareness and to accomplish a lifelong dream.



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