Former president's childhood home open for the holiday

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) -  President's Day is the holiday for students to take a day off from school and for shoppers to get good deals on certain purchases. For others, this holiday can be a trip back in history.

Monday afternoon a few dozen people did just that when they took a tour of President Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home that sits downtown on 7th Street.

Tour guides walked the guests throughout the home so they could learn more about the 28th President and his journey in becoming Commander in Chief.

The Executive Director of Historic Augusta Inc, Erick D. Montgomery, says people should take advantage of learning the history we have right here in Augusta.

"It's just a day to remember that," said Montgomery. "Since we have a presidential site here, it's an obvious day we need to do something special."

President Wilson served two terms as President from 1913 until 1921 and led America through World War I.

Dr. Lee Ann, a professor at Augusta University and historian, is happy people have a monument right here in the Garden City they can learn about. She and other members from Historic Augusta Inc, urge people to come out to the exhibit.

"We are very lucky in Augusta, not only that we have this house but the Historic Augusta has been such a wonderful steward of restoring it authentically and now presenting it to the public"



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