Doctor's Hospital employee fired, charged in morphine theft

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - A now former employee of Doctor's Hospital is facing charges after allegedly stealing morphine from the medical facility.

26-year-old Erin Kang is facing charges of Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Theft.

On Monday, March 6th, The Richmond County Sheriff's Office responded to Doctor's Hospital in reference to a theft.

A representative for the hospital stated that a used syringe and an empty vial of Morphine Sulfate had been discovered inside the 6th floor employee restroom.

Video footage and data obtained from the automated medication dispenser determined that the suspect, Ms. Kang, had withdrawn two vials of Morphine Sulfate that day.

Surveilance footage showed Kang enter the 6th floor employee restroom each time there was a medication withdrawal made by her.

After being confronted, Kang reportedly denied taking the medication at first.

She was then asked to show both of her arms, revealing bruising and needle marks consistent with IV drug usage.

Kang then reportedly asked for help with substance abuse. The incident report states that she was terminated from her position and immediately went into a drug rehabilitation center for treatment.

Investigators are unsure how much medication Kang took from the hospital during her time there.

The 6th floor restroom toilet was later removed and broken open where they found numerous syringes and drug use paraphernalia.

Doctor's Hospital has released the following statement regarding the theft.

"We suspected an individual was improperly removing medication for personal use.  We notified the Sheriff's Office and terminated the individual.  There is no indication that this theft affected medication administered to patients.  We have pressed charges against this individual and we continue to assist the Sheriff's Office."

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