Custody battle between Mariah Woods' parents included sexual abuse accusations

WNCT Staff - JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As the Mariah Woods investigation continues, WNCT obtained court documents showing an intense custody battle between the 3-year-old girl's parents, Alex and Kristy Woods.

Investigators found what they believe to be Mariah's body last week, and Earl Kimrey, Kristy Woods' boyfriend, was charged with disposing of her body.

An investigation into custody papers reveals allegations of abuse and establishes the Woods children were known to child services.

In handwritten notes, Alex Woods, the father, says his three children were not only subjected to physical abuse but also sexual abuse.

He specifically says the physical abuse came from the hands of a boyfriend of Kristy Woods who made bruises all over his son's body with a belt. The documents do not specify if the boyfriend is Earl Kimrey.

The documents are also unclear as to who is responsible for the sexual abuse, but Alex Woods did say it happened while under Kristy's care.

He fought for custody to get his children back following their divorce.

In the public documents, he said his children were scared of Kristy and cried when they had to leave their father's care.

He said "the kids are mentally and physically better in my care due to Kristy's erratic behavior, temper, willingness to lie, to cover up and hide things."

He also said Kristy and his girlfriend got into a physical altercation while the children were watching.

These documents were filed in June 2016.

The civil court said the latest custody documents are sealed and private.

Autopsy results for Mariah Woods have yet to be released, and District Attorney Ernie Lee said there was no timeline for the release of the autopsy and lab results.

Lee said potential evidence is being tested and results could take some time.


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