Sheriff Roundtree writes Commission disappointing

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) - The house on Arlene Circle looks like a war zone,   inside you can see the wide spread vandalism two years ago  Augusta code enforcement, instructed the landlord to board up the house, its  called  moth balling .

 "The moth balling process  is important, because it helps you secure your building, so you don't have quite the issue of people breaking in," said Melanie Wilson the Director of Planning and Development the department that oversees code enforcement. 

Last week the owner Ming Lin went before Commissioners saying he's a victim saying he's made  many complaints to the Sheriff's office but got only excuses not help.

 "They say we're going to do the best we can and nothing is done," Lin told Commissioners. 

In the end Commissioner Sammie Sias, and Andrew Jefferson agreeing to meet with Lin to  work on  a solution. as commissioners consider the allegation that the Sheriff's office didn't respond to the criminal complaints. 

 "I can't say yes or no, but as I understand it and know our Sheriff's Department, Of course they're going to respond," said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Sheriff Roundtree is responding. sending this scathing   this e-mail to city leaders
writing last year there wasn't one call to the address, and saying after a call in 2016 the Sheriff's office made 8 house checks on the property.

The e-mail says commissioners should put more "trust in your law enforcement agency."

"instead  of making Disparaging remarks"

Writing  the commissions reaction  to a one sided complaint was disappointing, 

but commissioners do not  feel they were taking sides against the Sheriff's Office. 

 "Simply trying to accommodate a citizen and I'm sure once they get together and talk with that citizen they'll relay the information over to the Sheriff's Office, I don't see we were taking any sides against the Sheriff's office," said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

 The Sheriff did not respond to call for comment neither did the landlord but the Sheriff's e-mail is on the Commission's Administrative Services Committee agenda for Tuesday to be discussed.  



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