Local businessman files complaint against local radio talk show host, stating he fears for his life

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.(WJBF) - A local businessman has filed a report against a local radio talk show host.

A Columbia County incident report states that Joe Mullins has become increasingly concerned with comments radio host Austin Rhodes has continued to make about him during the, "Austin Rhodes Show."

According to the report, Mullins provided audio recordings from the show on February 27, 2018.

Mullins says that during the broadcast, Rhodes talked about firearms and then proceeded to compare Mullins to a snake and stated, "Snakes have to be dispatched or killed."

Because of the alleged statement, Mullins expressed concern for his and his family's safety.

Mullins also claims he received two calls from a blocked number, the first being March 3 where a male allegedly told Mullins, "Rattlesnakes need to be killed."

Mullins says he didn't answer the second call.

The incident report goes on to say that law enforcement listened to the tape recordings of Rhode's show in their entirety and heard nothing that indicated a direct threat to Mullins and at one point Rhodes indicated that he was in no way wanting to harm Mullins physically.

A judge determined that there was not enough evidence to suggest that a criminal offense occurred.

No charges will be filed.

NewsChannel 6 reached out to Austin Rhodes.

He provided this statement:

"This is beyond ludicrous, and obviously a laughable waste of time. I believe with this complaint Mullins is attempting to create a smokescreen so he can dodge questions about his embarrassing personal and professional track record in Augusta.  He spent a King's ransom in 2015 to finish a distant third in a local political race and he is now attempting to reinvent himself in another state 300 miles away.  He can move to Mars in the attempt to hide his record, but it won't be far enough, his reputation sticks to him like stink on a skunk. Out of an abundance of caution I did reach out to the mother of Joe Mullins' daughter, the girl he alleged was being bullied at school because of my comments, and the mother said she had no knowledge whatsoever of any such bullying related to me or my comments.  I also reached out to school officials inquiring if ANY student at the elementary school in question had ever been bullied with my name invoked as the cause, and they said "NO." Given Joe's life long track record of disrespecting women and enraging business associates and former employees alike, I can understand why he fears for his own personal safety.  But alas, he has nothing to fear in that regard from me. Joe's antics have kept me entertained for quite a while now, I hope he lives to be 102." 

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