Carwell Family grateful to CSRA

The family of LaTania Janelle Carwell is sending thanks to the entire CSRA for loving the missing child.

It was a year ago today that LaTania Janelle was last seen in South Augusta.  In March, the girl's remains were found behind a bank owned home in a shallow grave.  The family held a memorial service for the 16 year old Josey student on Saturday April 14th.  LaTania's mother and step-father, Tanya and Leon Tripp, are both in jail currently charged with murder in the case.  Here is the verbatim of the press release WJBF received Monday afternoon from the Carweel Family:


Thank You CSRA


         On behalf of The Janell Carwell Family, we want to thank the entire CSRA for all of the support, prayers, and encouragement you have bestowed upon our family.  Although this is a tragic story, it has broken down all racial barriers and brought a community together. We want to thank everyone for the search parties, prayer vigils, press conferences, balloon releases, Lamar Signs (billboards), fundraisers, car washes, and many other community actions that took place on behalf of Janell Carwell.

         We also want to thank the countless individuals who have contributed time and effort from Law Enforcement, District Attorney Office of Natalie Payne, Mayor Hardie Davis, G.B.I, WJBF, WRDW, WFXG, Elliot and Sons Funeral Home, Greater Young Zion Baptist Church, and all of the local radio stations who kept the story alive and heart felt. Her legacy will continue to grow and will hopefully live on forever. The community has rallied around the case and redirected the pain into a positive movement.  Augusta has adopted this child, as their own. She will truly be missed.

         We now have closure, and were able to have a proper Memorial Service this past Saturday. This was due to a young man, who was surveying his property in March 2018, and made a discovery and phone call to authorities. We are forever grateful for that call. It was not the news we wanted, but it brought some closure to a yearlong roller coaster of emotions and pain.



Thank You to everyone,


The Carwell Family

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