Bottled Water, Portable Toilets Coming To USC, Columbia After Flood

WSPA Staff - ****UPDATE 10/5/15 1:12 P.M.***

COLUMBIA, S.C. - The University of South Carolina got some helping hands this morning by police officers and university officials to take care of students living on campus.

Many dorms at USC haven't had running water due to the catastrophic flooding in Columbia forcing them to use outhouses and depend on the Russel house dining hall for food and water.

Officers came to USC's campus this morning to bring water bottles to residents… and they've been fed at the university's dining hall throughout the day.

Some students saying they're "making-do" with what they have… and doing their best to stay safe.

Madison Leggett, a USC Dorm Resident says, "It looks just like a normal rainy day at our dorm but we heard about Maxy, they can't even use their bathroom at all and it's like really flooded, so we're really fortunate."

Classes at USC were canceled today… and the university announced they're cancelled Tuesday as well.

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division has announced other points in the Columbia area where water is being distributed.

The following is the list of points of water distribution (POD) for Richland County and the City of Columbia. The PODs will be open from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Monday and 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. until the drinking water emergency is over.

  • 1101 Lincoln St. (Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center)
  • 5420 Forrest Drive (Walmart parking lot)
  • 2615 Lower Richland Boulevard (Lower Richland High School)
  • Corner of Landmark Drive and Forrest Drive (Forrest acres-parking lot)

COLUMBIA, S.C.- The University of South Carolina is working to bring bottled water to campus for students as the school deals with water outages.

According to an updated posted online by the university late Sunday, the school has been in touch with city officials about restoring water service to campus. Portable restroom facilities are being delivered to campus as well for residence halls.

The university is requesting students stay off the road.  The residence halls are on high ground and haven't been damaged.

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