Augusta GreenJackets required to sign lease extension at Lake Olmstead as backup plan

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - The CSRA will soon be the home of a state-of-the-art baseball stadium.

If things stay on track, SRP Stadium will be finished by Opening Day 2018, but just in case the Augusta GreenJackets have a backup plan.

While the team wait for the state-of-the-art stadium to be complete, the Augusta GreenJackets have signed another lease at Lake Olmstead.

Still, GreenJackets President Jeff Eiseman says he is not expecting any hiccups with Riverside Village.

"We are required by baseball to know that we have a place to play in, in the event things don't happen." Eiseman told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

After 30 years of strikeouts and home runs, Auggie and friends are going big and onto a new home.

SRP Stadium will feature a 360-degree wrap around concourse, beer gardens and LED lightning.

Team officials say it will have the entire CSRA singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

"We will have little social experiences, where people will have unique vantage points, to be able to enjoy the game congregate with their friends and get a different experience everything they come out to the ballpark." Eiseman said.

Eiseman says the technology at the new ballpark will be similar to what Falcons fans experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

"A million plus dollars worth of LED display technology inside the building," said Eiseman. "From giant video board to video boards that are inside our outfield walls."

With the surrounding shops, restaurants and living space, he is touting an experience similar to Suntrust Park and The Battery in Atlanta.

"The experience for people is going to be radically different from what they are accustomed to here at Lake Olmstead," said Eiseman.

With the big move across the river, comes a brand new uniform that will be unveiled in the fall 2017.

Preparing and maintaining Lake Olmstead for baseball season runs anywhere between $180,000 to $300,000 dollars a year.

Eiseman says, at best, the ballpark could support up to two more season of play.

Count on WJBF NewsChannel 6 to bring you the latest on this developing story. 


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