Golf fans give Augusta National changes a 'hole-in-one'

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Some of the players may be the same and even parts of the scenery can be seen each year. But this year there are some changes at Augusta National and for the most part, fans give those changes a ‘hole-in-one.'

Danny Thorm, of Memphis, noticed the changes and he liked what he saw.

"A lot easier to get around I think."

The Masters is tradition for some, but the age old tournament was a little different for 2017.

"Last year the restrooms were here and over there was actually the concession area," Thorm said.

We took a stroll to see the changes, but not everyone noticed.

Denise Legrand did not get a chance to see them at first, due to Monday's heavy rainfall, which led to two evacuations at Augusta National Golf Club.

"Oh ok.  Alright.  This was 2012 so it's been five years," the St.Louis resident said.

"Didn't notice did you?" I replied.

"I knew there were changes I just didn't know what they were," she said.

Elizabeth Greenaway, of Pennsylvania, was a bit confused too.

"I said to my husband gee I don't think this building was here before it looks a little different. He was making fun of me and I thought I just had a bad memory.  I'm the typical woman."

And those concessions that you know and love are still at the Masters, but the building has moved.  They prices, however, have stayed the same.

"I have my Arnold Palmer that I get every year when I come and the prices stay the same and we love that," Greenaway said.

A few things stayed the same such as the iconic leader board. A big change though is the press building.

ESPN's Bryan Brousseau noticed the changes right off.  The New Yorker has been covering the Masters for the past decade.

"The size of the press conference room, the size of the writer's desk overlooking the driving range is just beautiful.  It seems like they set out to create the best press building in the world and I think they've done it," he said.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps


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