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Inmate demo crew plan draws criticism

AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) - Augusta leaders search for help to tear down abandoned buildings 

The city has a backlog of blighted structures  in the pipe line to be torn down with more added every year.

Commissioner Ben Hasan is proposing using inmate crews to assist the private companies doing  the demolitions.

But Some Commissioners say using the inmates puts the city at risk for inmates getting hurt and the costs.

"The private companies we hire that does the demolitions is full insured, fully trained, has all the equipment, they do it quick to demo a house, were we cannot where is the money being saved I would like to ask Commissioner Hasan," says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

  Commissioner Hasan says the savings would come from using inmates who would be less expensive than using private companies for all demolitions. 

And that using  inmates to help with demolitions  would reduce  the backlog of houses waiting to be torn down.  

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